WA Home Buyer's Course
Your First Steps To Home Ownership

About the Class

This WA State Certified Home Buyer’s Class is your first step to home ownership. It is important to education yourself on the home buying process before jumping into this competitive and fast paced market. Know which programs are going to be the best fit for you and your family. Learn what questions to ask to ensure that you are working with a team of professionals that are going to be the best fit for you. Having a basic understanding of the home buying process will keep you from making mistakes that new and repeat buyers commonly make.

Attending this FREE, interactive course will provide you with the necessary information and tools to make an informed buying decision. This course is taught by, both a Realtor and a Lender, leading professionals in the industry that are committed to educating and assisting buyers in their journey to become home owners! 

Your Dedicated Instructor

Celeste Paul

I am a Seattle native and 7 year licensed Realtor here in the State of Washington. I have been teaching this class for 6 years and enjoy educating the public on the home buying process. I feel that it is important for every buyer, not just first time home buyers, to educate themselves on the process to avoid common pitfalls that many home buyers fall into. 

This class is interactive and engaging. We walk you through the steps of purchasing a home from start to finish. You will learn how to interview Realtors/Lenders and also how to set priorities and be best prepared and equipped to tackle this very difficult market. We will also give you tips and tricks to writing strong offers in this competitive market. You will learn all of this and much more!!!

Rather you are a first time home buyer or have bought and sold multiple times, this class will keep you engaged and provide you with valuable information that will guide you through the home buying journey. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! :)

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Course Overview


  • Navigate the steps to homeownership
  • Discover the benefits of owning vs. renting
  • Learn the different loan and down payment assistance programs
  • Learn how to calculate your purchase power
  • Learn the costs associated with buying a home
  • Learn about property types and what's the best purchase for your situation
  • Learn about short sales and foreclosures
  • Discuss the home inspection and appraisal processes
  • Lean how to avoid the most common mistakes home buyers make
  • and More!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the class cost?

A. It is FREE!

Q. How long is the class?

A. 5 Hours

Q. Am I stuck listening to a sales pitch?

A. Not at all. We are here to help you learn and navigate the home buying process. The entire class is about you and your journey. 

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